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A student at Crestview High School is charged with two felonies after an investigation revealed he had armed himself with a razor blade in preparation for a planned off-campus after-school fight today.

Information was obtained that 16-year old Tyler Mahler had a weapon in his possession and the intended victim was a 15-year old girl.

He was found to have a silver razor blade in his right jeans pocket on school grounds.

Mahler told Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies his intent was to severely injure the girl during the planned fight.

The victim says she was fearful for her life and that Mahler had threatened to kill her approximately two weeks ago, but she had not reported that to officials at the time.

Mahler is charged with possession of a weapon on school property and threats.

“This investigation and resolution of this incident reinforces the strength of the pro-active student safety partnership between the Okaloosa County School District and OCSO,” said Sheriff Eric Aden. “And it also reinforces the need for students to speak up if they are aware of any potential dangers.”