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School Resource Officers

SRO Deputy starting salary depending on experience ranges between $54,704.00- $58,531.20 (SRO receives additional 3% assignment pay)

Since 1997, The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has placed a full-time School Resource Officer (SRO) in all middle and high schools throughout the county. The School Resource Officer program is a nationally accepted program involving the placement of a law enforcement officer within the educational environment. In addition to providing law enforcement presence at the schools, SRO’s are role models for the students. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office currently has 50 deputies assigned to the School Resource Officer Program. There is an SRO in each elementary, middle and high school in Okaloosa County. We are very fortunate to have a strong relationship with the educators of the Okaloosa County and the unit works hand in hand with the Okaloosa County School District.

What is a School Resource Officer?

First and foremost, a SRO is a law enforcement officer. Each SRO provides a uniformed presence to their school campus. They are prepared and trained to protect the students and faculty from intruders, conduct criminal investigations and patrol their beat (the school). The SRO advises the school administration in safety and security matters as well as lending their expertise in law related issues. Our SRO’s also provide security for after-school events for their assigned schools.

Secondly, SRO’s are counselors. Each SRO has gained a wealth of information over his or her career, which is shared with the students, their parents and the school’s staff. They offer advice in law-related matters as well as resources for virtually any need a person might have. Each school and individual student has different needs, but the SRO is there to help any way necessary.

Thirdly, a SRO educates. Each School Resource Officer conducts classroom presentations on a variety of subjects including: law related education, crime and violence prevention, safety, and alcohol and drugs prevention. The deputies who are assigned as School Resource Officers are passionately invested in their schools and proud to be serving the families of Okaloosa County. The Resource Officer’s motto to the student is, “We are here for you, not because of you”.

The School Resource Officers program is supervised by Capt. Lenny Holloway, Lt. Sterling Eslinger, Sgt. Joe Trimboli, Sgt. Jeremy Miller, Sgt. Randall Joiner, Sgt. Kourtney Howard & Sgt. Mark Justiss.

Together, the School District and the Sheriff’s Office are working constantly to implement new programs and provide students with the safest learning environment in which they can receive a quality education.

Antioch Elementary Alexandra Clausner 850 683-7540 Send E-Mail
Baker School Patrick Legions 850 689-7279 Send E-Mail
Baker School Matthew Christmas 850 689-7279 Send E-Mail
Bluewater Elementary Taylor Joiner 850 833-4240 Send E-Mail
Bob Sikes Elementary Tommy Frederick 850 689-7268 Send E-Mail
Bruner Middle School Christopher Dykes 850 833-3266 Send E-Mail
Choctawhatchee High School Destiny Callen 850 833-3614 Send E-Mail
Choctawhatchee High School George DeShields 850 833-3614 Send E-Mail
CHOICE HS & Tech Center 850 833-3500 Send E-Mail
Crestview High School Mark Kane 850 689-7177 Send E-Mail
Crestview High School 850 689-7177 Send E-Mail
Davidson Middle School Shelby Buri 850 683-7500 Send E-Mail
Destin Elementary Emily Olencki 850 833-4360 Send E-Mail
Destin Middle School William Overbay 850 833-7655 Send E-Mail
Destin High School Tom Henry 850 582-3666 Send E-Mail
Edge Elementary Timothy Siren 850 833-4138 Send E-Mail
Edwins Elementary John Wohlfarth 850 833-3333 Send E-Mail
Elliott Point Elementary Michael Raiche 850 833-3355 Send E-Mail
Florosa Elementary Willie Foster 850 833-4381 Send E-Mail
Fort Walton Beach High School Patrick Swint 850 833-3300 Send E-Mail
Fort Walton Beach High School Ethan Day 850 833-3300 Send E-Mail
Kenwood Elementary Dalton Banach 850 833-3570 Send E-Mail
Laurel Hill School Miguel Rojas 850 652-4111 Send E-Mail
Lewis School Jermaine Scott 850 833-4130 Send E-Mail
Liza Jackson Prep Sonya Shepard 850 833-3321 Send E-Mail
Longwood Elementary Jonathan Card 850 833-4329 Send E-Mail
Mary Esther Elementary William Overbay 850 833-3474 Send E-Mail
Meigs Middle School Tyrone Thompson 850 833-4301 Send E-Mail
Niceville High School Nicholas Hudson 850 833-4114 Send E-Mail
Niceville High School Melissa Vause 850 833-4114 Send E-Mail
Northwest Florida Ballet Academie Tim Sheldon 850 664-7787 Send E-Mail
Northwood Elementary Amber Flanagan 850 689-7252 Send E-Mail
Calvary Christian Academy Keith McCullough Send E-Mail
Okaloosa Technical College Scott Spence Send E-Mail
Okaloosa STEMM School Robert Culbertson 850 833-4120 Send E-Mail
Plew Elementary Ed Haun 850 833-4100 Send E-Mail
Pryor Middle School Matthew Self 850 833-3613 Send E-Mail
Richbourg/Best Chance Timothy White 850 689-5089 Send E-Mail
Riverside Elementary Tyler Thomason 850 689-7203 Send E-Mail
Ruckel Middle School Chad Smith 850 833-4142 Send E-Mail
Shalimar Elementary Lillu Vu 850 833-4339 Send E-Mail
Shoal River Middle School Kristopher Staley 850 689-7229 Send E-Mail
Silver Sands Ryan Burke 850 833-3364 Send E-Mail
Southside Center James Block 850 689-7211 Send E-Mail
Walker Elementary Nichole Ragusa 850 689-7220 Send E-Mail
Wright Elementary Alyssa Blanton 850 833-3580 Send E-Mail

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