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Community Resource Unit

Community policing is a strategy of law enforcement which focuses on strengthening bonds and partnerships with community members.

Community Resource Deputies (CRDs) are specialized Deputy Sheriffs assigned to each district of Okaloosa County. They are responsible for focusing on aspects of:

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Training and Education
  3. Problem-Solving
  4. Traditional Law Enforcement

CRDs represent the Sheriff at community meetings and events, coordinate community outreach programs, work closely with residents and business owners to resolve public safety issues and concerns, conduct special investigations, collaborate with neighborhood watch groups, assist other county agencies such as Code Enforcement, and work to form productive partnerships with the community. Often, patrol deputies respond to incidents which cannot be suitably resolved and require extra focus. When these calls repeatedly surface, a CRD becomes involved to find a long-term solution.

CRDs are also responsible for traffic safety and enforcement throughout Okaloosa County. CRDs complete traffic studies, respond to citizen complaints, collaborate with traffic engineering, and coordinate enforcement efforts. Mobile speed display trailers are also deployed to promote speed limit awareness in residential areas.

For more information on how our Community Resource Deputies can serve you, your neighborhood, or your business, please contact CRD Brian Muhlbach at (850) 651-7546 or