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Cadet Program

Cadet Program

Starting Salary: $42,868.80

Brief Description of Duties:

The Cadet Program is intended to build a dedicated, committed sworn workforce at the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. This program will allow employees to begin that rewarding journey before they start the training academy. They will also benefit from the consistent leadership originating from a single point of contact, the Field Training and Evaluation Program (FTEP) Manager who coordinates the

Cadet and Field Training Programs.

Under general supervision, the purpose of this position is to prepare a non-certified applicant (Cadet) for a career in law enforcement. While in the Cadet status, the applicant participates and engages in formal and in-house training. The work activities are specifically designed and chosen to train and teach the individual in the field of law enforcement.

NOTE: This application will remain open to build a hiring pool of qualified candidates to enter the Law Enforcement Academy at Northwest Florida State College in August 2022. As applicants successfully complete the background and are approved for hiring, they will be placed on our eligible list and provided with an orientation/hire date closer to the academy’s scheduled start date.


  • Attend classes, lectures, demonstrations, and exercises
  • Trains on-the-job by performing routine work assignments in the functional area for which training is prescribed.
  • Perform other duties of similar nature or level in classroom setting
  • Assist the Investigations Division with collection and processing of evidence.
  • Provide clerical assistance, as needed, within the Sheriff’s Office.
  • Provide manpower assistance to the Sheriff’s Office Training Unit.
  • Attend regular training classes in law enforcement.
  • Attend various functions representing the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office
  • Complete other duties as assigned.



The following list will result in an automatic disqualification from the hiring process. Please review this list before starting an application for employment.

  • -Drug use within the last 12 months (illegal drug use under Federal or State law)
  • -Misdemeanor conviction (including a plea of nolo contendere) within the last 5 years for any of the following: DUI, Battery (including domestic violence), and/or Theft.
  • -Suspension or revocation of license in the last 3 years
  • -Felony conviction (or pleads guilty or pleads nolo contendere)
  • -Misdemeanor involving perjury or false statement (found guilty, pleads guilty, or pleads nolo contendere)
  • -Dishonorable discharge from the United States Armed Forces

Minimum Qualifications:

  • Meet standards listed above (cannot have anything in background listed as an automatic disqualifier)
  • Must be at least 18 years of age, but must turn 19 before completion of the academy
  • United States Citizen
  • High School Diploma or Equivalent (College transcripts can be submitted in place of diploma)
  • Be of Good Moral Character (as outlined in Florida State Statute 943.13(7) and supporting Florida Administrative Code Rule 11B-27.0011)
  • Pass the Physical Ability Test
  • Must reside in Okaloosa County, Santa Rosa County, or Walton County
  • Complete Background Investigation as outlined in the Hiring Process below

Hiring Process:

  • Physical Abilities Test
  • Drug Screen
  • Fingerprint Scan
  • Credit Check
  • Criminal and Civil Records Check
  • Driving Record Check
  • Pre-Employment Polygraph Exam
  • Pre-Employment Psychological Evaluation
  • Background Investigation
  • Oral Board Interview