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Sheriff’s Mounted Posse

The mission of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Mounted Posse is to assist and compliment other elements of the Sheriff’s Office in serving the community and supporting civic activities.  By being on horseback, the Mounted Posse serves as a highly visible symbol of the Sheriff’s commitment to provide the best service available to the community.

The Mounted Posse is made up of citizen volunteers who give freely of their time, their horses and the equipment it takes to provide a first class service in support of community events and civic functions.  To participate in a single activity Posse members donate countless hours of their time in preparation and training to ensure a safe and successful event.  This is all done at no cost to the taxpayers.

The Mounted Posse is available for:

Parades: The Mounted Posse is trained to ride in parades using different formations depending on where the parade is held and how much room is available to maneuver.

Static Displays: In this situation, the horses are in a small corral or tethered where they can be seen and the public can have pictures taken with them in the saddle.

Community Service: The Mounted Posse participates in activities where the members ride their horses around the area to interact with the public.  For example:  Assisted Living facilities, Nursing Homes, Day care facilities, Relay for Life, or going to schools to interact with the students.

Search and Rescue: The Mounted Posse is on standby to assist the Sheriff’s Office when they are looking for a lost person, a downed aircraft or helping search for someone where vehicles cannot go. The Mounted Posse can also assist in times of natural disasters.

It is a privilege for the Mounted Posse to serve our community.  If you have an event that you would like the Mounted Posse to be part of, please contact the Sheriff’s Office Liaison, James Wells at 850-830-8020.