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Special Response Team

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office created its Special Response Team (SRT) in 1997 to address an ever-increasing level of criminal sophistication and violence and to be better prepared for contingencies.

SRT is now a multi-jurisdictional team and includes team members from partner city police agencies and paramedics from Okaloosa Emergency Medial Services. SRT provides a coordinated response to critical incidents throughout Okaloosa County, and whenever requested, in other areas throughout the State of Florida. These incidents are wide-ranging and include hostage/barricaded gunman situations, high risk search and arrest warrant service, terrorist incidents and security operations, The team is equipped and trained to operate in urban, rural and water environments.

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To prepare for any situation that may arise, SRT team members put a major emphasis on training in multiple types of tactics and attending training throughout the region.

As a part-time team, members continue to perform in an exemplary manner both in the performance of their assigned duties with the agency and assignments with the Special Response Team.

Crisis Negotiations Unit

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Negotiations Team (CNT) was formed in 1998, and consists of ten members. The CNT is designed to successfully resolve high-risk situations, and work closely with the Special Response Team to provide negotiation tactics and skills for barricaded subjects and hostage incidents.  Handling the crucial role of “communications” during a crisis situation is the primary assignment of the CNT. The CNT attends training with negotiation teams from other agencies to share knowledge and become acquainted with new techniques.

CNT members are dedicated to the preservation of life and have demonstrated extraordinary communication skills and a sense of duty to go the extra mile in serving their community. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Crisis Negotiations Team is committed to the peaceful and safe resolution of all crisis situations which may arise in Okaloosa County.