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Judicial Services

Judicial Services consists of Court Security, Inmate Transportation, Prisoner Extradition, and some functions of Booking as well. Judicial Services is currently commanded by Captain Jay Jones and two Sergeants. Sergeant Harold Mason supervises District 1 while Sergeant Jeremy Gilbert supervises District 2. The Court Security Unit is responsible for the safety of Judges and judicial staff, as well as citizens. Bailiffs insure a smooth flow of the judicial process while maintaining order in the court. They provide security for the Crestview, Shalimar and Fort Walton Beach Courthouses. Court Security is also responsible for security for other county elected officials and meetings. Okaloosa County opened a brand new 86,000 square foot courthouse this year in Fort Walton Beach.

The Transportation Unit is responsible for the safe movement of inmates from the county jail to perspective courthouses for proceedings. They also handle the transportation of inmates booked on new charges by deputies in the field to the county jail if arrested in Districts 2 or 3. Transportation deputies are often responsible for certain Booking functions as well.

Prisoner Extradition is responsible for the safe movement of prisoners outside of the county being held on Okaloosa County charges. When notified by the agency holding the prisoner, Extradition will determine if the subject’s charges and criminal history warrant the expense of the pickup. Extradition then schedules a planned pickup with that holding agency for a future date.

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