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Judicial Services

Judicial Services consists of Court Security, Booking, Judicial Process, Warrants and Records. Judicial Services is currently commanded by Captain Jay Jones, two Lieutenants and three Sergeants. Lieutenant DJ Folley oversees Court Services with Sergeant Eric Denny supervising the North Courthouse in District 1 while Sergeant Dale Carter supervises the South Courthouse in District 2. The Court Security Unit is responsible for the safety of Judges and judicial staff, as well as citizens. Bailiffs insure a smooth flow of the judicial process while maintaining order in the court. Court Security is also responsible for security for other county elected officials and meetings.

The Detention Unit, supervised by Sergeant Jessica Trimboli is responsible for the safe transfer of inmates from the county jail to perspective courthouses for proceedings. They also handle the transportation of inmates booked on new charges by deputies in the field to the county jail if arrested in Districts 2 or 3. Detention deputies are responsible for criminal and sexual registration functions as well.

Prisoner Extradition which is part of the warrants section is responsible for the safe transfer of prisoners outside of the county being held on Okaloosa County charges. When notified by the agency holding the prisoner, Extradition will determine if the subject’s charges and criminal history warrant the expense of the pickup. Extradition then schedules a planned pickup with that holding agency for a future date.

Judicial Process is overseen by Lieutenant Matthew Harrison who also supervises two civilian managers for the records and warrants/civil sections. The Judicial Process section takes receipt and service of all civil court process directed to the Sheriff of Okaloosa County (e.g. subpoenas, enforceable writs, child custody orders, domestic violence injunctions, and civil arrest orders). Collecting and depositing all funds from enforceable writs, civil process, and bonds.

The Warrants/Civil Process Unit overseen by Theresa Reever is responsible for the administration of arrest warrants and court process for computer entry and service. The Records Management Unit overseen by Regina Godwin is responsible for processing, filing, indexing, storage and retention of all records and reports received. They are also responsible for public records requests and digital media handling (e.g. body camera video).

The Front Desk located within the Shalimar Headquarters building also falls under Judicial Process. Personnel there are responsible for handling “walk-in” complaints, answering questions from the public, and fingerprinting during normal business hours.