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” A community oriented, not for profit, association of citizen volunteers in Okaloosa County dedicated to crime prevention and enhancing the welfare of the public.”

To better serve the Sheriff’s Office, Standard Operating Procedures have been put into place to reflect the objectives and missions of the volunteers. Assignments are by “districts” (north, south, east, west), paralleling geographic boundaries of the Sheriff’s Office. Each volunteer district may vary the assignments given to volunteers depending upon the character and needs of the community that each member serves.

Volunteers not only take pride in serving their communities, but they also know that their volunteer services are cost effective in that these services are a “labor of love”. Volunteers save the Sheriff’s Office and citizens of Okaloosa County thousands of dollars by providing an important service to the Sheriff’s Office. That is why volunteers have adopted a very special motto: “Servus Pluribus Unum”, which means “Serving Together as One”.

You too can be considered for volunteer service with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. Contact Ashley Bailey with the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office at (850) 651-7153 for more information.