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Teens on Bikes Charged with Robbery of Individual

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged three Fort Walton Beach teens in connection with a robbery last night.

The 19-year old victim says he was walking down McFarland Avenue around 8 p.m. when 16-year old Ny Riaun Dykes approached him on a bicycle and started hitting him on his back. He says he ran across Racetrack Road and saw 18-year old Christian Nix and 16-year old Niriah Rudolph on bicycles chasing him. As they tried to grab him, he ran to a business at 823 Navy Street and began banging on the front door. The victim says he then heard a sound like a gun cocking and Nix told him to empty his pockets or he would blast him away, while handing a gun to Rudolph.

He says Rudolph pointed the gun at his head and told him to empty his pockets. The victim handed him a pack of gum and Rudolph then tried to take away his phone. At that point, the front door opened and Nix and Rudolph fled.

Deputies located the trio at 206 Racetrack Road where Dykes said “the gun is behind the safe”. Deputies also found a handgun in the booth where Nix, Dykes, and Rudolph had been sitting. The weapons turned out to be pellet guns which appeared to be realistic handguns.

Dykes is charged with battery, robbery, and violation of felony probation. Nix is charged with robbery, tampering with a victim, and contributing to the delinquency of a child. Rudolph is charged with robbery.



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