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Ersela Evans

Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies responding to a call of a suspicious woman at a Fort Walton Beach area convenience store last night found her in the parking lot, sitting in an SUV with two flat rear tires and flashing hazard lights.
An investigation revealed the 2008 Nissan Armada she was in had been stolen from an address on Navy Street January 14th.
Video from the CEFCO store at 745 Martin Luther King Boulevard also showed the woman in the car, 27-year old Ersela Evans-Lowe, had driven the vehicle to the parking lot.
When she was asked to step out of the SUV, a black purse fell to the ground in front of deputies, spilling out nearly a dozen packs of wrapped Florida Lottery Ticket bundles.
Video surveillance revealed Evans-Lowe had stolen the tickets, valued at $8,700, while she’d been in the convenience store attempting to cash a check. The clerk had been unaware of the theft.
Evans-Lowe is now charged with grand theft, possession of lottery tickets not yet played, and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

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