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For the second time in just five years, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office SRO Program has been named tops in the state of Florida by the Florida Association of School Resource Officers.

And in another major accomplishment, OCSO School Resource Officer Deputy Cullen Coraine, the OCSO’s SRO of the Year for 2018, has now been selected as Florida’s top SRO.

Coraine, the SRO at Liza Jackson Preparatory School, was chosen for his combination of tactical know-how, dedication to improved school safety enhancements, and incredible rapport with his students, teachers, and parents. The award also recognizes his contributions to helping both homeless people and homeless animals.

“He’s a giver. He’s tactically sound. He’s a 15 year law enforcement veteran,” said Sheriff Larry Ashley.

Coraine is the OCSO SRO Unit training instructor and that intense training regimen is one of the key factors that helped it earn the top spot in Florida SRO programs for 2019.

With its high level of commitment to school safety in addition to its tradition of giving back to the community, the program’s exceptional level of service and dedication has made them a stand-out Unit.

“Our SRO Unit is nationally and state recognized leaders in school safety. People from across the country come for advice and help in setting up their own programs,” added Sheriff Ashley.


2012 – Deputy Gary Venuti (now Lt.) – Florida SRO of the Year

2014 – Florida Agency of the Year

2015 – National Model Agency Award

2017 – Deputy Sonya Shepard – National Exceptional Service Award

2017 – Deputy Demeika McClendon – Florida SRO of the Year

2019 – Florida Agency of the Year

2019 – Deputy Cullen Coraine – Florida SRO of the Year

To See the OCSO Video Submissions go to:

(Unit Video Submission)

(Deputy Cullen Coraine Video Submission)


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