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The Fleet section is responsible for the maintenance of approximately 400 vehicles owned by the OCSO. Our vehicles include not only patrol vehicles but specialized vehicles such as boats, trucks, trailers, ATVs, and an urban assault vehicle. Several employees are dedicated to maintaining these vehicles to ensure optimum performance and longevity in a well equipped self contained maintenance facility. Two other employees are tasked with installing and maintaining the complex electrical systems on vehicles as well as the periodic calibration of speed detection and radar devices. Being self contained, our maintenance facility is able to keep down time of vehicles to a minimum as well as maintaining quality control and reduction of costs incurred by using outside maintenance services.


The Supply section is responsible for all acquisition of materiel, including vehicles, uniform items, and office supplies. They are tasked with maintaining adequate stock of high use items, and anticipating demands of items needed in special or emergency situations. They maintain quality control at the same time keeping watch for the lowest possible price on items purchased. They also dispose of unserviceable items by direct sales or auctions thus creating additional savings to the OCSO.  Additionally, the Supply section monitors such things as fuel usage for proper management of resources.

Facility Maintenance

The Facility Maintenance section maintains, and repairs all OCSO buildings and substations. They repair plumbing, roofs, air conditioning and electrical systems and maintain the grounds. Additionally, they have remodeled facilities which have rendered them attractive, professional in appearance and user friendly. Such remodeling jobs have created more efficient use of space at a fraction of the cost outside contractors would charge. They have also fabricated and constructed the obstacle courses used in the OCSO Wellness Program.


The OCSO Evidence Room contains thousands of items of evidence gathered from crime scenes as well as recovered and abandoned property that the OCSO is tasked with collecting. While being one of the less glamorous jobs of the agency, the mission of the evidence facility is one of the most crucial in maintaining the integrity of evidence used in court. The evidence room must keep certain evidence refrigerated, or in climate controlled surroundings, or sometimes in separate bulk areas while being able to locate requested items with little or no notice. Two employees monitor the evidence, maintain accurate inventory, identify items no longer needed to purge them, delivering and picking up evidence to forensic laboratories and OCSO substations.

Crime Scene Investigators

The OCSO has three CSIs. These highly trained and experienced individuals process all complex crime scenes including, photography, serological evidence, blood spatter analysis, and latent prints. They are capable of processing and analyzing certain items of evidence to provide much needed information to criminal investigators in a timely fashion. They properly package and prepare evidence for laboratory analysis and give expert courtroom testimony. Additionally, they train and equip select patrol deputies who process less complex crime scenes.


The OCSO has eight area clergymen as select volunteer Chaplains. These dedicated people attend shift briefings, participate in training, ride with deputies, and assist in death notifications. They are available for all types of crisis intervention and counseling for deputies and victims of crime in highly emotional and stressful situations.