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Ernest Moschino

A store employee in Destin is charged with video voyeurism, a third degree felony, after a woman found his cell phone recording her using the business’s bathroom yesterday afternoon. He told the victim she could use the restroom if she needed to, although it is not open to the general public.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office arrested 47-year old Ernest Moschino of Crestview at the Sunglass World shop on Harbor Boulevard Monday.

The victim says she spotted the phone and found it was recording her live in the bathroom as she used the toilet. She confirmed it was recording, sent the video to her own phone, and then deleted it from the defendant’s phone. She left without confronting Moschino and immediately contacted the OCSO.

Deputies say the video clearly shows Moschino start the recording and put the phone in a back corner of the bathroom, placing a black item which turned out to be a plastic bag around it to try to conceal it.

When confronted deputies say he replied “I’m sorry” and asked to speak to the victim.