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Three days after a student at the Okaloosa Academy Charter School was arrested for threatening to shoot a School Resource Office, a student at Elliott Point Elementary is now charged with threatening to shoot a teacher and a classmate.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has charged the twelve-year old with making a false report of using a firearm in a violent manner.

Witnesses say they overheard the 5th grade student threaten his teacher after she told him to take off his headphones so he could not listen to music in class. A classmate who became agitated with the defendant’s profane language told him to stop and was told he would be shot as well. The 5th grader then left the classroom, hitting multiple metal poles along the way.

Deputies say the defendant has been transferred from school to school due to behavior issues, including being in possession of a bladed weapon on school grounds, and is currently on probation due to a theft charge. The SRO has also explained to students at Elliott Point the zero tolerance policy for making threats at school.



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