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Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office deputies say a Fort Walton Beach man who hit a Beal Parkway store owner revealed after being taken into custody that he left a three year old autistic child at his home unattended.

The store owner says 39 year old Ryan Williamson of Fort Walton Beach entered the store around 2 a.m. this morning and told him he still wanted items despite his credit card being declined, and that he was “FBI.”

Williamson left the store but returned, went behind the cash register, and took cigarettes from a display area, but was refused service.

Around 2:30 a.m. Williamson came in yet again and tried to take a $500 display item. The owner says when he tried to stop Williamson, Williamson punched him in the chest, so he chased Williamson out with a baseball bat.

Responding deputies attempted to put Williamson in handcuffs, but he refused commands and pulled away in an effort to break free. Although a deputy deployed his taser, it had no impact, and Williamson grabbed the device.

After eventually being taken into custody, Williamson told deputies a three year old non-verbal, autistic child was alone at his home. Deputies rushed to the address and found the toddler unsupervised, but unharmed.

Williamson’s charges include robbery, resisting an officer, child neglect, and depriving an officer of a protective device.