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Dale Blackwood has been a valued member of the Sheriff’s Office since 1995, where he served as a deputy sheriff in the Patrol division before transferring to the Communications section in 1999.

He’s been a Communications Officer, Supervisor, Communications Training Officer, Training/Quality Assurance Coordinator, DAVID administrator, and most recently achieved Accreditation Assessor certification. He is also attending the Florida Leadership Academy.

In 2017, Dale helped accomplish a goal set by Sheriff Ashley, which was state Accreditation for the Communications Division. He worked tirelessly with the agency accreditation manager to ensure all General Orders and Communications Standard Operating Procedures were current and accurately reflected the day-to- day policies and procedures of the Communications section. He also ensured Communications personnel were prepared for the assessment. On November 2, 2017, his efforts culminated in the Communications section successfully receiving accreditation through the Florida Telecommunications Accreditation Commission.

Dale has proven himself time and again to be an integral part of the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office. His work ethic and dedication to the Sheriff’s Office is beyond reproach. Dale has taken on each new assignment or task with enthusiasm and sees it through to completion. He is also a positive influence to new employees and senior personnel alike. Dale Blackwood is our 2017 Communications Section Outstanding Performer of the Year.



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