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For Immediate Release
April 8, 2008
Contact: Michele Nicholson
Public Information Officer
  (850) 651-7420


Click Here for CARE Program Sign Up Form

      Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris today unveiled his agency’s new computerized “Call Reassurance” phone system called “CARE”. It can call subscribers, (usually senior citizens) , multiple times on a daily basis to check on their well-being, providing a better sense of security for both the individual and his or her loved ones.    

      The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office is the first Sheriff’s Office in Florida to implement this free outreach service benefitting the public.  Other agencies across the nation who have been providing the service say it has proven especially popular with home bound older residents or seniors who live alone . 

      Those who sign up can establish the days of the week and times of day to get a phone call from an automated system developed by Database Systems Corporation. If no one answers, the system will call back a second time - and then a third if necessary - at ten minute intervals.  If there’s still no response after the third call within thirty minutes, a deputy and/or designated contact person will be sent to the address to do a welfare check. Enrollees are asked to provide the names of three emergency contacts.

     The CARE service is free to Okaloosa residents and was funded with dollars seized from drug dealers in drug forfeiture cases. As of Tuesday, April 8th, the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office will begin working with residents who need assistance in filling out sign-up forms.

      For information on enrolling in the program or details on its operation, please contact Crime Prevention Specialist Ashley Bailey at 850-651-7153.