NEWS RELEASE                                             

For Immediate Release
November 1, 2007
Contact: Michele Nicholson
Public Information Officer
  (850) 651-7420


    There are thousands of legitimate people selling magazines but there have also been local reports of some possibly shady door-to-door sales practices.

    The Federal Trade Commission has the following advice if you're approached:   "Beware of emotional appeals by someone selling door-to-door. For example, the student selling magazine subscriptions using the appeal that the sale helps them get a college scholarship or other such rewards. If you buy from a door-to-door person in your home, and the purchase is more than $25.00, you are protected under the FTC's Cooling-Off Rule. The Rule gives you three days to cancel your order and get a full refund. The seller must tell you that you have a right to cancel and give you a summary of your cancellation rights and two copies of the cancellation form. Ask to see the required cancellation notice before you agree to buy. If the salesperson doesn't have it, don't place an order. The company is breaking the law."

    If you think you've been involved in a magazine subscription scam, contact local authorities, the State Attorney General's office, or a local consumer protection office.