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For Immediate Release
July 27, 2006
Contact: Catherine Dokey
Community Relation Coordinator
  (850) 651-7448

Holt Animal Abuse Arrest

            The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office received approval on a warrant signed by Judge Tolton on Tuesday evening for an emergency abatement to start clean-up efforts at 4684 Hardy Adams Road .  The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Environmental Unit, the Okaloosa County Health Department and Okaloosa County Road Department were given the authority to clean up and properly dispose of the dead animals that were found at the home of Robert Franklin Money in Holt yesterday.  The goal of the three agencies was to ensure that the property is no longer a sanitary nuisance or health hazard to the surrounding neighbors.  Roughly ten hours was spent in the cleanup effort.

            Robert Franklin Money was arrested and held at the Santa Rosa County Jail after a citizen recognized him driving on Highway 90 towards Okaloosa County .  Today, Money was transported to the Okaloosa County Jail and was arrested for 32 counts of Animal Cruelty (Resulting in Death) and 25 counts of Animal Cruelty.