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March 7, 2005 

N E W S   R E L E A S E  

With the arrival of Spring Break, Okaloosa County Sheriff Charlie Morris offers some traffic safety advice:

·        Allow extra travel time when using Highway 98, especially on weekends. Traffic is likely to become backed up during peak hours.

·        Do not enter an intersection when traffic is backed up. Even with a green signal, motorists are required by Florida law to remain stopped unless it is clear to proceed all the way through the intersection. 

·        Be alert for emergency vehicles. Florida law requires motorists to yield to emergency vehicles en route to an emergency. When an emergency vehicle is parked with its emergency lights flashing, other traffic must vacate the lane nearest to the parked emergency vehicle, or, if no other lane is available, must slow to 20 MPH below the speed limit.

·        Pedestrians should always assume that they are not seen by drivers of approaching vehicles.

·        Travelers should plan sufficient rest time. Fatigued drivers can be as dangerous as drunk drivers.

·        Report aggressive drivers, apparently impaired drivers, and other threats to public safety without delay by dialing *DUI, *FHP, or *SO, or 9-1-1 on a cellular telephone.

            The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Traffic Unit will be active during the Spring Break season with several Enhanced Enforcement Waves, and one or more Sobriety Checkpoints.


for more information contact Rick Hord, Public Information Officer

(850) 651-7420