for immediate release 
February 7, 2005 

N E W S   R E L E A S E

Sheriff Charlie Morris and Bridgeway Center CEO, Dan Cobbs, hosted a press conference today highlighting a community partnership that can provide 16 to 18 year old drivers with knowledge and understanding of vehicle dynamics and human kinetics.  The location of the program will take place at Bridgeway Center, 151-B Eglin Parkway on Friday, February 25 and Saturday, February 26th.  The two day program will enhance the young driver’s awareness about the complexities of driving a vehicle and practice skills that will prepare them to anticipate hazards that occur daily in normal driving conditions.  The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office is teaming up with Bridgeway Center to conduct these Collision Avoidance Training (C.A.T.) classes that have proved successful in other parts of Florida.  The cost is $175.00 and two qualified Deputy Sheriffs will provide classroom and driving instruction exercises.  To register please contact Bonnie Rushton, Bridgeway Center at 833-747, ext. 213.    


for more information contact Catherine Dokey, Community Relations Coordinator

(850) 651-7153