for immediate release
November 16, 2002

N E W S   R E L E A S E

One man is dead, another jailed after an altercation outside a bar early this morning (Saturday morning).

The victim, Edward Charles Carthen (pictured left), age 45 (8-10-1957), of Fort Walton Beach, was shot and killed in a vacant lot on North Eglin Parkway, south of the Shalimar Bridge during an altercation with another man. The other man, Corrie Darnell Samuel Barnes (pictured right), age 23 (11-6-1979), of 707 Glenn Place, Fort Walton Beach, was taken into custody at the scene immediately after the incident. He is being held on an open count of Murder; additional charges are pending.

The shooting occurred at an empty lot across the highway from the "Paradise

Lounge," 724 North Eglin Parkway at 2:38 this morning (Saturday morning). Deputies had been called to the business a few minutes earlier when management reported discovering some patrons using illegal drugs. As Deputies investigated the narcotics complaint, a disturbance was reported elsewhere in the establishment. Witnesses directed Deputies first outside, then to an overflow parking area in a vacant lot across the street.

Deputies approaching the scene witnessed the shooting. The gunman then fired shots at the responding officers; Deputy Eddie Perillo escaped injury when a round pierced the left sleeve of his jacket, missing his arm. Deputy John Briggs' patrol car was struck in the right rear quarter panel. Deputy Steve Weyer fired shots at the running suspect; Weyer and Lt. Tony Wasden apprehended Barnes at the scene.

The incident remains under investigation


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