for immediate release
March 15, 2003

N E W S   R E L E A S E

The case of a woman motorist sexually propositioned by a man impersonating a police officer after a faked traffic stop earlier this week has been cleared with an arrest.

The Okaloosa County Sheriff's Office today (Saturday) arrested Bennett Keith Cline, age 43 (10-8-1959), of 4563 Luke Avenue, Destin, on charges of Falsely Personating a Law enforcement Officer; Kidnapping; and Attempted Sexual Battery.

The investigation leading to the arrest began early Tuesday morning (March 11), after a woman reported she had stopped for a car she believed was an unmarked police vehicle, just before midnight Monday night near Destin Middle School. The suspect, who was not wearing a uniform and who did not present identification, ordered the woman into the front seat of his car and told her she was being arrested for DUI. He stopped in parking lot a few minutes later and made repeated offers to drop the drunk driving charge if the woman would perform certain sexual acts. He returned her to her vehicle and released her, physically uninjured, after she refused all propositions.

The victim reported the incident promptly, and provided a detailed description of the suspect and his vehicle. That information helped produce a confidential tip that significantly aided the investigation.


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