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Susan Shelton


A licensed mental health counselor has been charged with sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist in connection to a relationship with a client over a three month period.

The victim told Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office investigators last May that 46 year old Susan Shelton had been his local therapist for approximately two years. He says they started a sexual relationship in November of 2018 that lasted until January 2019 while he was still her client.

Shelton denied any relationship with the man outside of work, telling deputies he is delusional and was never allowed in her home.

The victim then provided OCSO investigators photographs as well as two videos of the pair together outside the office, including at the defendant’s home, showing the relationship was sexual in nature.

In addition, investigators found evidence on Shelton’s cellphone of website searches in January 2019 on the subjects of “dual relationship client with therapist” and “how to break up with a crazy partner without destroying u”.

Sexual misconduct by a psychotherapist is a third degree felony.


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