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A student at Crestview High School was arrested today after making threats to “shoot-up” the school.

14-year old Connor Breeden is charged by the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office with making threats of violence.

Two classmates say Breeden was talking about his plan in the lunchroom today, saying he was going to shoot up the school on Friday, May 25th.

When asked way, they say he responded “Why not?”

Breeden then pulled out a bullet and placed it on the lunchroom table.

School administrators later located a 9 mm bullet in Breeden’s pants pocket.

When questioned by the School Resource Officer, Breeden initially denied making the statements, but later admitted to the comments, stating he has “been under a lot of stress” and does not have access to firearms.

Sheriff Larry Ashley said, “School Safety is everyone’s responsibility. We always stress, “If you see something – or hear something – say something”, and that’s exactly what these students did. It was certainly the right thing to do and we applaud them for coming forward”.


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