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The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a cellular phone company store manager on charges he accessed and copied sexually explicit photographs or videos from a customer’s cell phone. 37-year old Christopher Allen Freeman of
Fort Walton Beach is charged with three counts of sexually cyberstalking another person, three counts of accessing an
electronic device without authority, and one count of using a two way communication device to facilitate a felony.
One of the victims, a national television personality, says she learned Freeman had shared three sexually explicit videos
portraying her with her boyfriend with another store employee in January 2020 via Facebook Messenger. OCSO
Investigators say the videos had been accessed and copied by Freeman after the victim’s boyfriend took his cell phone into
the store for an upgrade, and without his knowledge or permission. A search warrant of Freeman’s Facebook account
revealed he also had sent the videos to two of his friends via Facebook Messenger in May 2019.
During the course of the investigation, evidence was found of sexually explicit images of multiple adult females on
Freeman’s phone. Investigators say an unknown number may have also been copied without permission by Freeman,
either through airdropping them or recording them directly onto his phone after the person had gone into the store for
“We want to make the public aware that images they think are private on their cell phones are able to be accessed and
potentially copied and shared when you unlock your phone and hand it over for upgrades or other services. This could
leave an individual open to the potential for anything from embarrassment and bullying to exploitation and extortion,” said
OCSO Investigator Michael Hogan.

An OCSO interview with Investigator Michael Hogan is available on our YouTube account:


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