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Mary Liza

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Investigations Unit has now made another arrest in connection with a cold case homicide.
37-year old Mary Liza is being held in a jail in Yuba County California on an active warrant for the 2002 murder of her two-year old daughter in Niceville. (Liza’s last name is now Mansker).
OCSO Investigators reviewing the case asked the District One Medical Examiner’s Office to review the autopsy and findings from 2002, believing a mistake had been made.
In April 2021, an amended autopsy report was made, confirming the child’s death to be homicide with the cause listed as “subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhages consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome”. (Details in arrest report).
Investigators say the abuse from Shaken Baby Syndrome could have been inflicted in as little as three seconds. In 2003 Liza told them it was possible she could have done something to her daughter and not realized it because she said she blacked out and did not recall the incident.
Multiple people told investigators Liza had a terrible temper, but did not have a history of blackouts.
The active warrant will be served when Liza is extradited to Okaloosa County. Other cold cases resulting in arrests by OCSO investigators in 2021 include the 1981 murder of Bert Gross near Crestview, the 1983 sexual battery of a Florosa woman, the stabbing death of Eric Roberts on Okaloosa Island in April 2007, and the arrests of four suspects in the 2005
shooting death of Luis Gonzalez on Okaloosa Island.