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Nine-year law enforcement veteran Brandon Mundt is a dedicated family man who prioritizes his family and places a strong focus on high volume, proactive police work. He is a professional team player, morale booster, and someone who consistently presents a can-do outlook.
Deputy Mundt is a field training officer. In 2020, he trained nine newly hired deputies for a total of 1,164 hours – which accounts for more than 50% of the hours he worked throughout the year. He and his trainees accounted for 2,173 calls for service, 223 offense reports, and 108 arrests. He became a Stop the Bleed instructor and volunteered to teach this material and MCT/Mobile Forms training to newly hired deputies. He sought out additional volunteer opportunities throughout the year, however they were cancelled due to Covid-19.
Deputy Mundt tested for promotion to corporal and investigator and was selected for both promotion lists. He is focused on continuing education and completed 140 hours of training, many of which were focused on a leadership academy to prepare him for a promotion to corporal.
He was involved in several high profile cases in 2020. In July he assisted with a homicide investigation where Daniel Godwin was identified as a person of interest. Deputy Mundt helped with scene security. Several hours into the investigation and while maintaining the perimeter, he saw Godwin walking down the street and detained him. Godwin was subsequently charged for the homicide.
In September, Deputy Mundt was one of the first to arrive at a home invasion robbery with shots fired. He gathered and sent out detailed suspect descriptions, which led to the Fort Walton Beach Police Department detaining three people of interest. Deputy Mundt reviewed surveillance footage of the incident and positively identified the three suspects, directly contributing to their arrests.
On Christmas Eve, Deputy Mundt was one of the first officers to the scene of an armed residential burglary in progress. He challenged the suspect as the individual exited the home, causing him to retreat back inside. Deputy Mundt helped contain the location until the Special Response Team arrived and took the suspect into custody using more advanced tactics. His actions directly contributed to the successful outcome.
Deputy Mundt has shown a devotion to the agency, his peers, and his community. His professional actions demonstrate his abilities to continually succeed, regardless of circumstances or potential dangers. And he routinely volunteers his time for the betterment of those around him.

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