Street Crimes Unit

In recent years as Okaloosa County’s population has climbed steadily, the County has also experienced an increase in serious street level crimes. The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office however has taken proactive steps to combat this problem by forming the Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office Street Crimes Unit. The unit is made up of highly motivated and specially trained Deputies whose job entails identifying crime trends and common known criminals, and taking steps to address those trends and put those responsible behind bars.

The Street Crimes Unit targets a wide-range of criminal activity including street-side and in-home narcotics sales, burglary, robbery, and prostitution. It also focuses on locating and arresting wanted individuals. The unit consists of a supervisor, five deputies and one K-9 officer, all of which work individually and as a team to follow up information, verify that information and arrest criminals in Okaloosa County. Along with their specialized mission targeting street crimes, tThese experienced deputies further assist and work hand in hand with patrol units as well as investigators to arrest and solve crimes county wide.

The Street Crimes unit is dedicated to making the streets safer for all citizens who reside in Okaloosa County.

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