Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Larry R. Ashley

Firearms Safety

The Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office (OCSO) offers a Citizen’s Firearm’s Course for Okaloosa County residents at least 21 years of age. A complete application is required, and a background check will be performed.

***Due to the high volume of applicants for this class, we will no longer be able to accept applications from individuals who have already taken a Florida Firearms Safety Course, those who already hold a Florida concealed weapons license, or those who have current or prior military service.  If you are a current or prior military member, you are not required to take a safety course to obtain your concealed weapon license.  Visit The Florida Department of Agriculture’s web site under Question number 6 for further information regarding military applicants.***

This two day course is designed to instruct you in firearms safety, to familiarize you with your firearm and to help you become proficient with its use. Classroom portion and Range Portion must be completed in the same week. If you cannot complete both portions in the same week, you may reapply again after 6 months.

Classroom Portion:

  • Must bring firearm, holster and valid photo ID to the class for instructor inspection.
  • Ammunition is not allowed in the classroom.
  • Notify instructors of any medical conditions that might affect your participation in the training (for example: diabetes, back problems, etc.). We can work with many situations and have successfully trained people with various disabilities and medical conditions.

During the course, you will:

  • Familiarize yourself with your firearm
  • Become proficient with its use
  • Be educated on current firearms laws
  • Learn about civil liability of having a firearm in your home or business

Range Portion:

  • Designed to incorporate the class instruction with firing of firearm
  • You must have your own firearm and 50 rounds of ammo (a max of two people can share a firearm, for example, a husband and wife, or parent and adult child)
  • No magnum calibers larger than .357 magnum
  • No single action revolvers allowed
  • Must have ear protection, eye protection, holster and a sturdy belt
  • Holster must be designed to securely retain the firearm in the holster during movement (bending, sitting, etc.)

Click Here to View Video of Range Potion

Firearm Tips:

  • If you plan on carrying a firearm concealed, consider a subcompact. For example: semi-automatic, Ruger LCP, Ruger .380, Kel-Tec, Smith & Wesson, Springfield Armory, Sig Sauer & others. Revolvers include a .38 caliber and smaller, Smith & Wesson, Ruger, Colt & others.
  • If you plan on using the firearms for target shooting, consider a compact or standard size weapon.
  • Make sure before you purchase a firearm the dealer explains operation of the firearm and be sure that you are able to operate the firearm before purchase.

The majority of Okaloosa County Deputies that carry a concealed weapon carry a subcompact Glock .26 or Glock .27. If you have any questions about purchasing a firearm or holster, please contact the RangeMaster Deputy CW Bozeman at 259-0216 or cbozeman@sheriff-okaloosa.org.


A background/criminal history check of every participant will be conducted. Participants having any potential conflicts resulting from their criminal history check will be contacted and the Range Master will be solely responsible for determining final approval for participation.

Answer all of the questions honestly or there will be possible refusal of attendance.

Conviction of felony charges and some misdemeanor charges may automatically disqualify an applicant.

Should you plan to purchase a firearm to participate in this firearms training, please be aware of the following factors: small firearms require more training to use effectively. They usually have smaller sights and a shorter barrel. They have a smaller grip. Users normally feel more recoil from a small firearm. If you do not plan to carry the firearm on your ankle or in your pocket, please consider a mid-size firearm.

Class Scheduling:

Please direct all questions, comments or requests for information to the CFA Point of Contact: