Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office

Sheriff Larry R. Ashley

Drug Task Force

The Okaloosa County Drug Task Force has a primary mission of identifying, infiltrating, investigating, and dismantling criminal drug organizations operating in, or with a nexus to, Okaloosa County through the arrest of participants and the seizure of assets used or acquired in violation of law. The Drug Task Force originated in 1986 and is currently comprised of Okaloosa County Sheriff’s Office investigators as well as federal task force officers. This composition effectively extends the enforcement arm of the Drug Task Force to other jurisdictions as necessary to disrupt the capabilities of criminal drug organizations impacting Okaloosa County.

Information comes from Emerald Coast Crime Stoppers and other informants which enables the Drug Task Force to remove drugs and law violators from the streets of the County. The effectiveness of the Drug Task Force is directly proportionate to the level of involvement from the community. If you have any information regarding narcotics activity, please call the Drug Task Force at (850) 609-2003 to speak with an investigator or send an anonymous tip by clicking the link below.